My name is Victoria Novikov

Hello, I’m Victoria Novikov, an experienced graphic designer with a career since 1997. Over the years, I have honed my skills in developing corporate styles and products for diverse companies. You’ll find examples of my work in web graphics, website design, banners, animation, and more here.

My expertise extends beyond design; I am a multidisciplinary internet specialist involved in research and development. I’ve led internet projects teams and accumulated vast experience in graphic internet and printing design, including internet sites, management interfaces, print, 3D graphics, and product design. Additionally, I am proficient in HTML and CSS development and know about organic and sponsored search advertising.

One of my strengths is my ability to understand, discuss, and successfully execute client projects, from inception to completion. I pride myself on effective communication, responsibility, and attention to detail.
As a team player, I excel in ideation and conceptualization, am a quick learner, and am always eager to embrace new challenges.

Beyond design, I have a deep passion for three-dimensional graphics, allowing me to visualize the unreal. I have dedicated years to establishing educational and entertainment equipment for children.

Outside of work, my interests range from animal rescue and new technology to vegan cooking, moto travel, diving, paragliding, drawing, calligraphy and photography.