My Design Thinking:

A clean design that combines usability, helpfulness, intuitiveness and a thoughtful use of color

My strengths are creativity,
unconventional ideas,

website help business grow.

Consideration of all aspects of visual presentation
helps your brand succeed through exceptional print design and creative marketing.

Every color carries a certain amount of information, and its perception is entirely subjective. Choosing the right color is key to brand success.

Imagination is the inspiration to create developing useful things.

Victoria Novikov is an experienced graphic designer and a highly skilled professional in her field.
“Allow me to present a selection of my design works across various categories. While this list is not exhaustive, it provides a glimpse into my diverse activities in the design realm. I’ve never aimed to limit my work.

Nevertheless, as it happens to all of us, sometimes when we want to look back, we find ourselves moving forward.
I’ve made a personal commitment to continuously update the sections of this site with new and interesting works.
I appreciate your interest in my creations.”

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