My name is Victoria Novikov

I started graphic design since 1997. There are Web graphics, Web sites design, banners, animation. Also I develop a corporate style for companies and products.
Multidisciplinary Internet specialist – research and development.
Internet projects team leader.
Great experience in Graphic Internet and Printing Design – Internet sites, management interfaces, print, 3D graphics and product design.
HTML and CSS development.
Organic and Sponsored Search Advertising.
Ability to get a project from a client:

  1. understand the definitions
  2. discuss the most important details of a project
  3. build it from beginning until the end.

Great human communication skills, responsible and thorough. Good team worker. Good at ideating and conceptualizing. Quick learner and always willing to learn new things.
I’ m very attracted to the three-dimensional graphics, which makes it possible to see in reality what does not exist yet.
For many years I worked to establish Educational and entertainment equipment for children.
My hobbies are animal rescue, new technology, vegan cooking, moto travel, diving, paragliding, drawing, video and photo.